de la Guardia Victoria Architects and Urbanists has been committed to the design of buildings and urban places inspired by history, theory and the traditional building arts since 1987. We believe it is the duty of the architect to produce an architecture which, in the words of Alberti, “gives comfort and the greatest pleasure to mankind, to individual and community alike”. Classical architectural principles, vernacular traditions, folklore and an understanding of contemporary materials and methods of construction contribute to a conception of architecture which is at once reflective and current. As traditionalists, we recognize the unique characteristics of individual sites and localities and appreciate the ability of architecture to define a sense of place and to encourage the well being and health of our cities and landscapes. We promote working with indigenous materials and local craftsmanship together with innovative technologies to establish meaningful relationships between buildings and their respective physical and cultural context. In our practice design is of equal value to construction, and the same level of craft dedicated to the production of drawings in the studio is applied to the supervision of building at the job site. We encourage close cooperation with owner and builder to ensure that building projects respond fully to the needs of the client, program demands, and a sustainable environment. Regardless of size and budget, every project is a welcomed opportunity, and the completion of buildings is a cause for celebration and a reiteration of our commitment to provide an architecture and urbanism of discernible beauty and civic virtue.